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Why Us? We Thought You'd Never Ask

We take you to 15,000 ft, at no extra charge. Something no other skydive company offers.

  • We have the most experienced staff in Nevada.
  • We are the only Drop Zone in Vegas to never have a major injury or fatality.

For most people anxiety, nervousness and even fear accompany the decision to go skydiving. At Vegas Extreme Skydiving, we understand such apprehension and make every effort to ease your mind and explain the skydiving process to you in order to insure your safety and enjoyment.

We believe in the philosophy that knowledge dispels fear, and as such encourage your mind to be enquiring. To this end, we urge you to read the following facts and make the decision with whom to entrust your life and the life of your loved one.

What our customers have to say about us:

INCREDIBLE !!!!!!!!!!!!

"Jim is the mannnn ! He was my instructor & cool as the other side of the pillow .. this was the best thing ive ever done & i HIGHLY recommend it ! Will be coming back soon ! 🛫"

– dxturner · TripAdvisor

"The instructors were great!!! Especially micheal & John They made u feel comfortable & jumping has aeays been on my bucket list! Highly recommend"

– RJK86 · TripAdvisor
Wonderful adventure

"We had a fantastic adventure skydiving for the first time. The instructors were efficient, thorough and comforting. They were enthusiastic and encouraging. It was great!!"

– ANTHONY P · TripAdvisor