First-Time Skydivers

Upon arrival at the Vegas Extreme Skydiving facility located off the Las Vegas Strip, you are greeted by our courteous staff who remain with you until the completion of your skydive. We encourage you to ask questions throughout your time with us as we believe the only foolish question is the one nobody asks.

To help you understand what to expect, the following information provides some insight on how the whole process works to give you the most enjoyable experience possible!

A group of 1st time divers


All jumpers receive our pre-jump documentation package upon arrival. This includes information such as your weight, date of birth, driver’s license details, as well as a waiver and release of liability form. Safety is extremely important to us, thus we want our customers to be well-aware of the inherent risks associated with skydiving and aviation related activities. All participants must understand and acknowledge this information in order to fly.

First time divers getting ready for their jump from aboard the plane


Thanks to the nature of the tandem skydive, the formal training required can be kept to a minimum as your personal tandem master controls the free-fall and the parachute decent. However, there are some rules and regulations that you need to be familiar with to make a safe outcome possible. By educating you on what to expect in the airplane, how to hold your body during free-fall and parachute practices, your fears can be eased and your enjoyment maximized!

A first time diver

Gearing Up

When we arrive at the drop zone you are equipped with a jumpsuit, soft helmet, goggles, and a harness. This connects you to your instructor’s equipment prior to jumping. After you’re secured into your harness, you are led to the airplane where you strap in and get ready for take off!

A first time diver finishing their first jump

Airplane Ride & Jump

As the plane rolls down the runway and lifts off you have officially made a commitment to face the challenge and embark on one of life’s truly special experiences. While you enjoy the beautiful views of Mount Charleston, Red Rock Canyon and the Las Vegas Strip, the pilot guides the plane to our jumping altitude just over 10,000 feet above ground. As you prepare to jump, your instructor gives you one final check and secures you to his equipment (each attachment is capable of holding 5000 lbs.)

When the door finally opens and you exit the aircraft, most of our students say their fears stay in the plane and the thrilling and indescribable experience of free-falling at 120 mph begins!

Our digital video packages enable you to relive the thrill over and over with prices as low as $89!


The Parachute Descent

All too quickly, you find the parachute opening and your adrenaline charged free-fall transitions into a quite peaceful parachute decent. During the five to seven minutes it takes to reach the ground, your instructor can provide either a gentle ride to the ground or a more radical roller coaster experience demonstrating spins and stalls as he skillfully takes you to our landing area.

After finishing your skydive, you receive your certificate of completion! For those of you who are interested in taking classes, or have additional questions, our staff is always on hand to assist you in any way possible!

A tandem skydive above Las Vegas

Accelerated Free-Fall

Once you partake in the thrill of skydiving, you may wish to go to the next level and actually learn how to do it yourself! We offer training programs for AFF and AFP. Although slightly different in format, both training programs are designed to take the student through a seven jump progression course culminating in a graduation jump which qualifies the student to jump alone without supervision.

The courses are designed to accommodate your personal learning abilities and our instructors spend as much time as necessary providing one-on-one training to help you succeed.

Two experienced jumpers holding hands during a dive

Awesome experience! Nothing can be better than this. - Nilesh