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37 Ways to Be Happier


What does it take to be happy? Despite happiness being the unstated goal of many of our lives, we don’t know an awful lot about our positive emotions – with around eight times more scientific research devoted to depression. Yet on an individual level, we sense it can be beneficial to pay attention to happiness rather than focusing on our despair. Developing a personal philosophy – one that involves identifying what makes us happy, standing by our values, and creating a happy space to live in – can be the most positive step to take in our perpetual quest to find and maintain happiness.

Our ‘happiness matrix’ can be broken down into manageable categories – relationships, work, leisure, mind, body – and within each of these spheres there are tweaks to make that will have more or less effect on different individuals. For example, paying more attention to the people in your life can improve everybody’s experience and mood, whether it’s ensuring that you take at least one meal a day in company, or switching off Facebook and making the effort to meet in person.

A healthy outlook and regular exercise can be the first things to go when our happiness falters, so applying deliberate attention to these areas can be essential in maintaining our inner well-being. While the occasional treat (a sofa day, a dessert) can provide passing pleasure, a lifestyle of healthy eating and physical activity can help produce happiness-inducing chemicals, as well as seeing off the aches, pains and complaints that can gnaw away at our moods.

Perhaps we can propose that the overarching themes here are mindfulness and love. It is far too easy in today’s climate to be swept along by competing pressures to be selfish, to rush, and to neglect ourselves, our environment and those around us. Take a look at this encouraging new infographic for over 37 suggestions on how to tweak your everyday life towards the happiness you deserve.


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