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Are you Suffering from Social Anxiety?


Social anxiety is the third most prevalent mental health concern in the USA, yet like many mental health issues its lack of direct physical symptoms may mean that it goes undetected – or may not receive the respect it deserves. For many people, the feeling of being perpetually embarrassed or being judged by others…

How to Look Confident Even When You’re Not

[one_half] We’ve all found ourselves in situations where we feel less than confident – whether that’s giving a presentation, interviewing for a new job, or having to socialize with people we haven’t met before. But we also all know that being – or appearing – confident can help us get on better in our lives….

How to start taking risks (and why you should do it)

[one_half] We’d all like to be described as mavericks, trendsetters and risk-takers, but how often do we get noticed for stuff that isn’t just making a really good pot of coffee? Or making an excellent pie chart? Stepping out of your comfort zone to do something different can be refreshing to extraordinary. You never know:…

Virtual Reality That’s Ready to Blow You Away

[one_half] “Yeah, I’ve heard that one before” you might think, as your mind wanders back to the virtual reality promises of the 1990s. Gigantic headsets, sweaty pods and extortionate prices were the theme back then. Fast forward to 2015, and today’s virtual reality headsets are coming to a living room near you. Lighter, and actually…