Skydiving Pricing


Tandem Skydive

Our Tandem Jump prices are “all inclusive” with no hidden costs. The price you pay includes all necessary equipment, instructor fees, airport fees, free transportation from the Strip (if needed) and all taxes. Gift certificates also available.

Regular Price: $249 | Special: $219

Video & Photography Packages

Our video services are provided on digital format to ensure the highest quality.

Prices start as low as $89 to help everyone afford their own lifelong memory.

Deluxe Video & Still Photography Package

Available for only $139, you will have your own personal videographer/photographer who will be with you throughout the whole experience.

From the moment you start to “gear up” through the airplane ride, free-fall and your landing, your smiles and enthusiasm will be captured on film.

Student Training

We have two training methods from which you can select. Both systems take you through all necessary ground-training aspects of learning to skydive, as well as the actual jumps themselves.

Before you decide where to learn, or what training method would suit you best, insist on talking to your actual instructor and look for recommendation and referrals. Our staff are some of the most respected in the industry.

Method 1 – A.F.P. (Accelerated Free-fall Progression)

Ground School (Initial) $99
Ground School (Continuation) FREE!
Level 1 1 Instructor $250
Level 2 1 Instructor $250
Level 3 1 Instructor $250
Level 4 1 Instructor $250
Level 5 1 Instructor $250
Level 6 1 Instructor $250
Level 7 1 Instructor $250
Level 8 1 Instructor $250

Method 2 – A.F.F. (Accelerated Free-Fall)

Ground School Level 1 $350
Level 2 2 Instructors $350
Level 3 2 Instructors $350
Level 4 1 Instructor $250
Level 5 1 Instructor $250
Level 6 1 Instructor $250
Level 7 1 Instructor $250
Level 8 1 Instructor $250

Unlike most drop zones we do not require you to pay for the whole course up front, enabling you to pay as you go (no contracts). If you have any questions regarding tandem jumping or learning how to skydive, our knowledgeable staff are always available.

After You Graduate

Congratulations!!! You have made a commitment and have reached a level of proficiency which enables you to explore the skydiving world without instructor supervision. We will continue to be available to offer advice and encouragement as you become a part of the family of skydivers.

We will also provide you with equipment rental or coaching jumps as required at our lowest rates.

Equipment Rental (Includes parachutes, helmet, goggles and altimeter) – $125 per jump

Coaching Jumps (Accelerate your learning curve with one on one instruction with world level coaches) – $155 per jump (All Inclusive)

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