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Are you Suffering from Social Anxiety?


Social anxiety is the third most prevalent mental health concern in the USA, yet like many mental health issues its lack of direct physical symptoms may mean that it goes undetected – or may not receive the respect it deserves. For many people, the feeling of being perpetually embarrassed or being judged by others can feel like it is a normal part of life, yet social phobia is a very real condition. If you’re concerned that it affects you or someone you care for, it is important to take the time to look deeper into the subject.

If the idea of going on a blind date or dancing in public makes you cringe, it may be more serious than natural nervousness or lack of confidence. Likewise, if the sound of the phone ringing fills you with dread, it could be time to ask yourself why you are so afraid of having to talk to someone. This online questionnaire provides a deep and detailed way to determine whether these feelings form part of a bigger and more worrying pattern.

Once you suspect that this condition applies to you, it is important to seek help. Mental health is a health issue like any other, and seeing a physician is vital if you are to address your situation and to prevent it worsening.

Of course, seeking help is itself an action that can be inhibited by social anxiety. Speaking to strangers about your most personal feelings is never an appealing prospect, particularly if you’re a sufferer – so we can be grateful that an online alternative has appeared. The Social Anxiety Institute provide an online program that you can begin without leaving the house, and combine with more conventional methods such as finding a support group or starting a blog, as you improve.

As a preliminary step, though, check out this new infographic and run through the flowchart, which guides you through a quick self-analysis. It may be the first step on the road to recovery.


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